Could Your Wardrobe Use an Update?


Having a selection of men's staples in your closet is essential for your everyday wear. Plain shirts in complementary colors coupled with a stylish jacket or two can give you a range of outfits for casual wear. Mainstream Fashions for Men in Duluth, MN carries a wide selection of men's staples and tailored pieces. We hand-pick our casual inventory and carry items you won't find at every department store.

We cycle inventory seasonally, so stop by today to see what tailored pieces we have in stock.

Learn more about what's on our shelves

If you need more men's staples in your closet, we've got you covered. With a quick visit to our shop, you can:

  • Try on a shirt from our private label
  • Pick up the latest fashions from johnnie-O
  • Get a basic shirt or hoodie from BLU Apparel

We hand-pick fabrics and materials for shirts for our private label to ensure comfort and breathability. We keep all of our basics in stock, but once our limited items are gone, they're gone. Call us today to see what limited items we have available.