Sport Coats

Shop our great selection of men's sport coats.

Choose from wool, cotton, linen or corduroy blazers to fit your style.

Versatile and sophisticated. An iconic essential for your wardrobe. 

Men’s sport coats are the standard bearers of distinguished gentlemen’s style. Long a mandatory piece of attire in certain establishments, this article of clothing lends a sense of refinement to any ensemble. We offer a line of men’s blazers and sport jackets comfortable enough that you’ll want to wear them whether one is required or not. Slip ours on just once, and you’ll understand what we mean. Suddenly you’re ready to go anywhere in exceptional style (and our men's travel blazers make willing companions whatever your destination).

Our sport jackets are always an easy choice, pairing flawlessly with all manner of outfits, fit to frame your posture perfectly, in a fabric that lasts. Fit and fabric are the twin anchors of any men’s blazer. That’s why we've sought out weavers all over the world to find textiles of the highest quality, in natural fibers of the perfect weight, that drape the way our designs dictate, and wear well over time. We tailor these materials into styles defined by more than a century’s experience with fine men’s products, creating men’s sport coats that feel like they were made just for you.