The Classic Charcoal Grey Suit


Published 1/28/18 by Ben Mork


If you’re going to make your first suit a navy suit – which you should, by the way – your second suit should be a charcoal grey suit. It’s got all the versatility of a classic navy suit, which means even more wardrobe and styling options. Here, I’m showing you how to style it as a timeless piece for the office.

Like a navy, charcoal grey is very easy to pair with a variety of different colors, making potential shirt and tie combinations almost limitless. White can be on the formal side, so choose blue for more of an everyday look. You can never go wrong with a striped tie, but again, those stripes can come off as more formal and severe. I like a classic madder print as a show of sartorialism.

Other than lapel style, the type of pockets you choose for your jacket has one of the biggest effects on how formal or “less formal” your suit comes off. While I’ve been in the habit of getting many of my made to measure suits with patch pockets recently, I chose jetted pockets for this one and it’s a direction I’m planning on going for my next few suits as well.

Why? For starters, I like how clean the jacket looks with jetted pockets. Second, if I do want to wear the suit more formally, I can quite easily with this pocket style. Although it cuts down slightly on the versatility of the jacket – particularly wearing it as a separate – I’ve reached a point in my own wardrobe curation that I’m becoming a little more focused on each suit as a monolithic piece. Can I still break it out into separates? Sure, but it won’t be nearly as versatile as my navy hopsack suit with patch pockets.