Why Mainstream Fashions?

If you are looking for a different kind of experience, meet with our crew and learn what makes Mainstream Fashions so unique. You'll have no obligation to purchase when you meet with us. We do not have high-pressure sales tactics. Our goal is to inform you about your wardrobe choices, provide you with solid menswear advice, and build a relationship with you for all of your sartorial needs.

What makes Mainstream Fashions so unique?

  • Meet directly with the owners. Why should you meet with a salesperson with an ambiguous employment history when you can meet directly with the owners? That's a win/win relationship. As Ben says, "I care how you look as much as you do!"
  • We have an in-house tailor shop staffed by two highly skilled tailors—essential to your custom suit purchase and fittings.
  • We personally inspect garments in house for your assurance and guarantee of quality.
  • Plain & simple: the BEST style advice in Duluth and Superior. We will often talk a client out of something if they're off track, and we’ll offer strong recommendations.
  • Money back guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the fit of your completed garment, we will refund it in full.
  • We are NOT a direct ship from China to your doorstep global organization. That is a flawed concept and is not a custom experience. Many of these "custom" retailers are selling polyester blended cloth with Italian sounding names.
  • We help you stay within your budget, all while maximizing the value of your purchase. We offer many different construction options and fabric specials. Discounts are available for cash or check payments.

We are proud to offer the best quality garments in town. While we do not have the cheapest suit in Duluth, we do have the best suit. At Mainstream Fashions, we strongly encourage you to explore a slightly higher budget for the best value. Don’t pay less for a "custom" suit from our competitors. It will lack the details that make our garments special: hand workmanship, full canvas chest, and quality fabric and finishes.

You owe it to yourself to meet with a clothier that offers the finest quality garments and the most knowledgeable staff. If you are not completely convinced that we are the best in town after meeting with us, or feel we aren’t the right fit for your needs, simply continue your search. Rarely does someone visit us and choose a competitor.

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